Meet Dr. Marzili

When I attended medical school and completed my residency I was never taught anything about natural treatments. Not one lecture. During my many years as a family doctor, I was pleased with the effectiveness of many prescription drugs but often frustrated by side effects or my patients’ desire for “natural treatments”.

I first learned about natural supplements from my own patients and was at first skeptical of their effectiveness. But I have always been open-minded and try to listen and learn from my patients. I remember sitting with a patient and explaining to her how well Lipitor had lowered her cholesterol. She smiled and apologetically explained that she never took Lipitor. She took fish oil and red yeast rice instead. I was so impressed that the next time someone asked for an alternative to statin drugs I recommended fish oil and red yeast rice.

Over the next couple of years I learned a great deal about natural supplements and began recommending them to more and more of my patients. The only resistance that I received from patients was due to the cost of many natural supplements such as fish oil. Although Omega-3 products could be found at any store, the products were often not tolerated well, had a bad aftertaste, and most importantly did not produce the consistent reliable results that could be seen with more expensive pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Frustrated by this, I began to offer pharmaceutical grade fish oil and other natural products to my patients at the lowest price possible . In April, 2006, I began offering the same savings to customers via my website.

As my patients and customers continued to come to me for other natural treatment options, I eventually launched my own product line, Doctor’s Natural Choice. My choice of these products was based on natural products which have been shown to be effective in medical studies and on my own patients’ experiences.

With the help of a great staff and very low overhead, we were able to provide pharmaceutical grade fish oil and other natural products at the lowest prices anywhere. However, in selling another company’s product we were forced to adhere to their pricing. In 2011, we made a commitment to our customers to provide them the most effective products at the lowest prices possible and expanded out Doctor’s Natural Choice products to replace the more expensive brand named alternative.

My pledge to my customers and patients is to provide only products that I believe in at the best prices possible. If you have any questions pertaining to any of our products, feel free to email or call us. If our knowledgeable staff is unable to answer any of your questions then rest assured that they will be answered by a doctor.

Thomas Marzili, M.D.
Doctor’s Natural Choice

One Response to “Meet Dr. Marzili”
  1. Kenneth Neuhauser says:

    Hello Doctor,

    After several years of being insistently treated with statin prescription drugs by my primary care doctor and exhibiting many of the symptoms of the published side-effects in addition to side-effects that weren’t listed, I decided to drop those statin drugs and try your products. After about 3 months on the old cholesterol product you sold, I went back to my primary care who was pleased with the triglyceride, LDL, and HDL levels. I then informed him that I had ceased taking the statin prescriptions and went to a completely natural product. Well, he became very belligerent about the “unproven” effectiveness of natural supplements (even as I pointed to the numbers on my lab results). He insisted that I return to taking the statins. Whereby I promptly fired him.

    I have been on your products now for over 8 years. Each product that I have taken has been effective and confirmed through followup lab testing. I have never experienced any noticeable or documented side effects on your products. And my new doctor encourages me to remain on your products.

    Since I live very close to your facility in NJ, I would like to visit you and shake the hand of the doctor who encourages patients to maintain their health in responsible and effective ways without being fleeced by the pharma community.

    Thank you, sir, for your continued dedication and support.

    Ken Neuhauser
    Runnemede, NJ

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